Lumenfacade Inground Color Changing

Features & Benefits

Best-in-class performance
1,775 delivered lumens, 4,477 candelas at nadir. Min. 1 fc at 67 ft (4 ft, 10˚x 60°, RGBW at full output)
Plug and play installation
Push-lock connectors simplify installation and connection with no need to compromise IP68 sealed design
Exceptional uniformity
Asymmetric wallwash capabilities allowing very uniform illumination (up to 3.2:1 max:min)
Unequaled versatility
Choice of sizes, outputs, beams, color temperatures, colors and controls
Durable solution
Sturdy construction; lumen maintenance: 80,000 hours (L70 at 77 °F). 5-year limited warranty
True asymmetric wallwash
Unique optic delivers standout uniformity at close range, with generous spacing between fixtures

Linear ground-recessed lighting, in color

The Lumenfacade Inground Color Changing is a high-performance linear LED luminaire designed for colorful asymmetric wall washing, grazing and linear wayfinding. Featuring second generation LED technology, the Lumenfacade Inground Color Changing is available in four different sizes (1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft), with a wide number of options, including a choice of optics; RGB color mixing; various mounting options, finishes and accessories; and dimming control via DMX/RDM. A unique asymmetric distribution is also available, providing exceptional uniformity and brightness for walls and signage.

Color and Color Temperature

Additive RGB

Additive RGB + white 4000K

Additive RGB + amber


Asymmetric Wallwash

8° x 8°

10° x 10°

30° x 30°

35° x 35°

60° x 60°

80° x 80°

90° x 90°

10° x 30°

10° x 60°

10° x 90°

15° x 25°

30° x 60°

50° x 80°

Optical Option

Internal louver



DMX/RDM enabled


Ground Recessed




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