Features & Benefits

Bi-directional control
DMX/RDM control systems or Ethernet-based lighting systems
Large capacity
Up to 6 outputs to fixture runs
Unique test button feature
Enables local testing of wiring connections
Onboard termination switch
Time-saving switch for easy DMX termination
Universal power input
Prepared for all voltages from 100 to 347V
Resilient finish
Cast aluminium enclosure with wide-opening hinges and mini screwdriver; available in silver, black, white or custom color
Corrosion-resistant option
Suitable for hostile environments; salt spray, harsh chemicals and extreme outdoor exposure

Available for Quickship (North America)

Fast-track delivery within 10 business days in North America

A control box for all your lighting applications

Available for Quickship (North America)

Lumenpulse has revamped the control box (CBX) with a new, simpler offering adapted to both indoor and outdoor use. Along with many mechanical advantages, the CBX has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible for control system installers and technicians. The control box combines line voltage with DMX/RDM control systems or Ethernet-based lighting systems, such as Art-Net or sACN. This allows for full bi-directionality, with minimum parts. Internally, the CBX boosts and splits the control signal through either 1 or 6 outputs, for scalable network topology. The CBX can be used for dimmable, dynamic white or color-changing luminaires from the Lumenbeam, Lumencove, and Lumenfacade families.


DMX/RDM enabled

DMX & Ethernet enabled


Black Sandtex®

Bronze Sandtex®

Silver Sandtex®

Smooth white

Custom color and finish (please specify RAL color)


Corrosion-resistant coating for hostile environments



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