Lumencove XT Color Changing

Features & Benefits

Uniform color
Uses tri-color LEDs to premix colors and avoid multi-colored shadows and scalloping
Built to last
Sturdy construction, 100,000 hour lumen maintenance (L70 at 77 °F)
Sustainable design
Dual-chamber design allows components and drivers to be replaced
Highly flexible
Choice of 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft sections for linear and radial installations
Up to 170 ft runs
Connect up to 170 ft of cove lighting on a single circuit (277V)
5-year warranty
Standard 5-year warranty for complete assembly
Corrosion-resistant option
Suitable for hostile environments; salt spray, harsh chemicals and extreme outdoor exposure

In a testing session, Lumenpulse out-performed the other firms’ products on color, brightness and sturdy construction.

Gene Gephardt
Curtis Stout, Inc.

Exterior color changing cove luminaire

The Lumencove® XT Color Changing is a slim, IP66-rated LED luminaire for exterior colored cove lighting and tight space applications. The system offers smooth RGB, RGBW or RGBA color mixing, as well as a choice of mounting options and finishes. Built from sturdy aluminum and tempered glass, Lumencove XT Color Changing comes in 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft sections enabling both linear and radial layouts. The luminaire uses tri-color LEDs in a single package, premixing colors to avoid color striations and shadows.

Color and Color Temperature

Additive RGB, 4000K, 5W/ft

Additive RGB, Regular Output 6W/ft

Additive RGB, High Output 9W/ft

Additive RGB + amber

Mounting Option

Slim Adjustable Mounting

Fixed Mounting

Universal Adjustable Mounting

Adjustable Wall Mounting 2 in

Adjustable Extended Arm Mounting 6 in

Adjustable Extended Arm Mounting 12 in


Black Sandtex®

Bronze Sandtex®

Silver Sandtex®

Smooth white

Custom color and finish (please specify RAL color)



DMX/RDM enabled


Corrosion-resistant coating for hostile environments

CE (certification covers European Economic Area)


Surface Ground

Wall Mount



Applications Used

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