Digital Data Bridge

Features & Benefits

Multi-protocol dimming control inputs
Accepts 0-10V, DMX, DALI
Universal power input
Prepared for all voltages from 100 to 277V
Sturdy construction
Dual gang box, galvanized metal
Worldwide certification
UL certified

Available for Quickship (North America)

Fast-track delivery within 10 business days in North America

Reliable agnostic dimming interface

Available for Quickship (North America)

The Lumenpulse Digital Data Bridge is an agnostic controller that accepts 0-10 V, DMX, or DALI input signals, making it appropriate for a variety of lighting installations. The controller supports 150 ft of luminaires, up to 100 ft away from the fixtures while allowing users to dim Lumencove Nano 2.0 with a wide range of control devices and protocols.

Input control signal

0-10V dimming

DMX control

DALI dimming



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