Lumenbeam LBX Color Changing

Features & Benefits

Best-in-class performance (RGBW)
352,034 candelas at nadir; 6,842 lumens; minimum 1 fc at 593 ft (HO RGBW at full white, 6° optic)
Built to last
Sturdy construction, lumen maintenance: 120,000 hours (L70 at 77 °F)
5 year warranty
Standard 5 year warranty for complete assembly
Universal power input
Prepared for all voltages from 100 to 277V
Corrosion-resistant option
Suitable for hostile environments; salt spray, harsh chemicals and extreme outdoor exposure

Powerful color changing LED projector for exterior use

The Lumenbeam LBX Color Changing is a high-performance, 140W or 205W luminaire for applying dynamic color to multi-story facades and tall structures. Unique for its slim form factor and 120,000-hour lifetime, the luminaire offers a number of options including two outputs RO (140W) and HO (205W); a choice of optics for flood or accent lighting; RGB, RGBW or RGBA color mixing; various mounting options, accessories and spread lenses; and control via DMX/RDM or Lumentalk.

Color and Color Temperature

Additive RGB

Additive RGB + white 4000K

Additive RGB + amber


Very Narrow 6°

Narrow Spot 10°

Narrow Flood 20°

Flood 40°

Wide Flood 60°


Black Sandtex®

Bronze Sandtex®

Silver Sandtex®

Smooth white

Textured black

Textured bronze non-metallic

Textured medium gray

Textured green

Textured white

Custom color and finish (please specify RAL color)



DMX/RDM enabled

Optical Accessories



Snoot Wide

Wire Guard

Linear spread Lens


Corrosion-resistant coating for hostile environments


Surface Ground

Wall Mount




Applications Used

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