Lumencove XT Dynamic White

Features & Benefits

Dynamic white
Adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K
Built to last
Sturdy construction, 100,000 hour lumen maintenance (L70 at 77 °F)
Sustainable design
Dual-chamber design approach allows components to be accessed and replaced
Available in 5W and 12W/ft outputs
5W/ft version meets ASHRAE standards for linear lighting on building facades
Highly flexible
Choice of 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft sections for linear and radial installations
Up to 170 ft runs
Connect up to 170 ft of cove lighting on a single circuit (277V)
5-year warranty
Standard 5-year warranty for complete assembly
Corrosion-resistant option
Suitable for hostile environments; salt spray, harsh chemicals and extreme outdoor exposure

In a testing session, Lumenpulse out-performed the other firms’ products on color, brightness and sturdy construction.

Gene Gephardt
Curtis Stout, Inc.

Exterior tunable white cove luminaire

The Lumencove® XT Dynamic White is a slim, IP66-rated LED luminaire for exterior cove lighting and tight space applications. The system offers the ability to choose and adjust color temperature, as well as a choice of mounting options and finishes. Built from sturdy aluminum and tempered glass, Lumencove XT Dynamic White comes in 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft sections enabling both linear and radial layouts.

Color and Color Temperature

Dynamic warm white (2200K to 3000K)

Dynamic white (2700K to 6500K)

Mounting Option

Slim Adjustable Mounting

Fixed Mounting

Universal Adjustable Mounting

Adjustable Wall Mounting 2 in

Adjustable Extended Arm Mounting 6 in

Adjustable Extended Arm Mounting 12 in


Black Sandtex®

Bronze Sandtex®

Silver Sandtex®

Smooth white

Custom color and finish (please specify RAL color)



Dim to Warm via 0-10V (2700K to 2200K)

Dim to Warm via single-channel DMX/RDM (2700K to 2200K)

3-channel color temperature control via DMX/RDM


Corrosion-resistant coating for hostile environments

CE (certification covers European Economic Area)


Surface Ground

Wall Mount



Applications Used

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